Keep the Adventure Alive

Lady on a hiking trail on Spring Hiking in Park City near The Chateaux Hotel


As each community around the country strengthens its stance to help slow the spread of COVID-19, many of us are finding ourselves inside our homes instead of on vacation. Though the closing of ski resorts around North America has indeed been unfortunate, we can take solace knowing that even from the comfort of our homes we can still keep the adventure alive. Whether you’re watching a movie favorite, catching up on your reading, or trying a new online fitness class, there are several ways you can still live adventurously through these difficult times.

Watch a Classic Ski Movie
Even though Deer Valley and other ski resorts are closed for the season, you can still get your ski fill from some classic ski movies. Available for free on, all you need is a bowl of popcorn and your season stoke to keep the adventure alive. You can also find ski movies on Youtube,, and more to catch big lines, steep slopes, and community spirit.





Read an Adventure Novel
Tuck into an adventure read to pass the time while keeping your own adventure alive. Read a book about skiing if you’re still longing for the slopes, or dive into some classic adventure novels to fill your days of social distancing. Not only can you fill your time with entertainment while engaging your brain, but you can also picture yourself in far-off places on wild adventures all without leaving the comfort of your couch or reading nook.

Go for a Hike on a Local Trail
If permitted in your area, looking for safe opportunities to get outside can do wonders for morale and overall well being. Whether you’re getting out for a walk around the park or heading up to a local trail, fresh air is always recommended. Aside from getting your steps in, it can also distract you from refreshing social media or news pages and allow you some time away to recharge and clear your head. When spending time outdoors, be sure to practice CDC recommended social distancing to help protect yourself, your family, and the community.

Go for a Run or a Bike Ride
Again, if permitted in your area, running or biking is another great way to get out of the house and live your adventure. Try a new route or bring along a household family member to reconnect. Keeping yourself moving and engaged will help you stay fit and give you a little taste of adventure right out of your front door.

Here at The Chateaux Deer Valley, we are definitely missing our guests. We hope each and every one of you are staying safe while still being able to experience a bit of adventure wherever you are. If you would like to make a reservation for a future stay, please contact our helpful and friendly Reservations team and they will do their best to answer questions and keep you updated on this ever-changing situation.